We are excited to announce that PlanIt has joined the NEOGOV family as a part of the Power Products for Public Safety.
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24x7 Scheduling

PlanIt is designed to handle the unique scheduling challenges facing public safety every day. Use multiple tools to edit your 24×7 ambulance schedules, swap shifts between firefighters, allow self scheduling for narcotic officers, and view real time schedules on any device. Publish out your long term rotating schedules and make day-to-day changes easily on the Calendar Editor.

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Minimum Staffing

Minimum staffing levels ensure there are enough first responders available every day. Our online scheduling software looks at staffing levels each minute of the day to ensure your department is properly staffed. When shortages arise, open shifts are displayed to administrators and employees. Employees can request to fill openings online.

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Time Off

PlanIt has the tools to make time off easier for employers and their workforce. Employees can submit time off requests to be reviewed by their supervisors in a multiple tiered approval system. As time off is approved and hours are accrued, the system will adjust each time off bank automatically within your department.

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A major component to digitizing your online schedule with PlanIt, is the communication tools to keep your workforce involved and informed. You’ll be able to post company announcements with logged acknowledgement, automatically notify staff when their schedule changes, send emails/text blasts to your entire agency or to just your patrol platoon, and even use voice blasts to call each employee with important messages.

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Payroll Exports

PlanIt can make payroll an easy task by collecting all your scheduling data each pay period. You can export the information in a .csv file and most payroll providers can import these files directly. Employees can be granted access to view their timesheet each pay period and asked to verify or report problems prior to completing payroll, keeping clear communication throughout the entire process.

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Additional Features

Over the last decade we’ve heard from our public safety customers who love our 24×7 scheduling tools but wanted additional features beyond just scheduling. Some of these features connect with the schedule but others are separate. A few of those features include: Online Course Software, Certification Tracking, Court Appearances, Loaned Equipment Tracking, Vehicle Checklists, Digital Kiosks, and Custom Forms.

“Switching to PlanIt was one of the best decisions we ever made; it saves time, cuts back on scheduling errors and you have a lot of information at your fingertips.”

Teresa Mullhausen, Lancaster EMS


PlanIt Schedule handles the unique needs of public safety departments.

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Access Your Schedule Anywhere

Employees can view their schedules, request time off, offer to work shifts, and use all of PlanIt’s features from anywhere at any time. Having this accessibility keeps your workforce informed and involved.

PlanIt Supports Your:

Public Safety Scheduling Experts

Last year alone, PlanIt managed...

Time Off Requests
Overtime Forms
Time Clock Punches


November 2021
New Feature – Day View

With the new Day View feature in PlanIt, you can now create a completely customizable view of a 24-hour time frame. You will have the option to make either the Platoon, Calendar, or Day View the default for your department.

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September 2021
New Feature – Multiple Timesheet Approvals, Loaned Equipment Tracking, and…

Have you been printing out timesheets for a second signature? Tracking equipment detail on paper? Navigating to multiple screens when filling open shifts? Learn how you can now move and/or streamline all these processes in PlanIt.

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February 2021
New Feature – Significant Dates

Previously there was not a way to make a whole day stick out on the calendar. We did have the holiday feature and day notes but they did not allow for the flexibility that significant dates feature now does. You can pick any day and any color coding so that employees can easily identify it.

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