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Our Scheduling Solutions

PlanIt Police

PlanIt Police is perfect for any law enforcement agency. PlanIt is currently being used by small, mid, and large sized agencies from police departments, sheriff's offices, corrections facilities, universities, and private security.

PlanIt EMS

PlanIt EMS has special features tailored to EMS employee scheduling. PlanIt EMS has users in public emergency transport, private emergency transport, non-emergency transport, and air ambulance services.

PlanIt Fire

PlanIt Fire is used by professional and volunteer fire departments of all sizes and range from rural to urban departments. PlanIt can handle your 24 hour shifts and complex platoon and squad rotations.

PlanIt Dispatch

PlanIt Dispatch is perfect for scheduling staff at all types of dispatch centers. Our users include 911 emergency dispatch, regional and county level fire/ems/police dispatch, air dispatch, and nursing call centers.

Compatible on all devices

PlanIt Scheduling is a web-based system. This allows it to be accessible on a PC, laptop, tablet, and phone. Once your credentials are entered into the system, you will have access to all components of the program on any device. PlanIt will work with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

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Almost every action within PlanIt scheduling has the option of a text or email notification to alert those involved in the action or change.


PlanIt has over a hundred reports covering every aspect of scheduling, court appearances, overtime, time off, and payroll.

Vehicle Checklist

This allows the employees to sign in and track the time using the vehicle, the mileage, and record any maintenance or equipment problems.

Open Shifts

There are various functions in the PlanIt system to handle open shifts including time off, warning systems, staffing requirements, and restricted dates.


PlanIt will track certifications to ensure that employees have the correct and up to date certifications for the position they are working.

Payroll Export

All of your scheduled time, time off, overtime, and holiday hours will be summed up and available for export.

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Web-Based Public Safety Personnel Scheduling Has Never Been Easier


By far the best scheduling utility I have found for public safety employers

Ed Mooreland Kutztown Area Ambulance and Transport Service

We have been using the product for 2 years and it has only gotten better.

Wayne Hodges South River Rescue Squad

Excellent! I appreciate the fact that you consider user feedback and deploy updates so quickly!

Chief Skiles East Hempfield Twp PD