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Bulk Editor Tool Now in PlanIt

January 2019

Bulk editing tool options screen: shift creator, shift editor, shift remover, mirror shifts, shift/time off converter.

The addition of the Bulk Editor Tools make your big scheduling changes much more efficient. There are 9 different parts to the Bulk Editor: the Shift Creator, Shift Editor, Shift Remover, Mirror Shifts, Shift/Time Off Converter, Time off Creator, Day Note Editor, Bulk Punch Creator, and Bulk Employee Editor.These tools handle a lot of different situations. 

One example would be moving someone to follow the same training schedule as another employee. Using the Mirror Shifts tool, you can assign one employee to mirror another employee’s schedule. You can add a note to the new employees shifts if you would like to say for example, “field training.” In a few clicks you have reassigned them for a short period of time while leaving their normal schedule to continue after.