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Update: Time Sheets, Voice Blasts, Schedule Sorting, and Day Labels

September 2018

Minor updates can make a major difference. Here we have a list of a couple new features added that might make your life easier:

Self Scheduling

If you need to give normal level users access to enter themselves on the schedule, use this feature to give them access to schedule certain shifts.

Signature Lines on Time Sheets

Now, on the PDF report that lists your employees’ timesheets, you can add a signature line for your employees and/or supervisors to physically sign the timesheets.

Text to Speech Options with Voice Blasts

You can now type out a Voice Blast message rather than recording one. Maybe you are in a loud room or maybe you just do not want it to be your voice coming through the phone – type out a message and the text-to-speech feature will take care of it!

Sorting the Schedule by Job Types

There are a couple different options when it comes to how the schedule looks and behaves. Use this new setting to designate the order of Job Types listed on your schedule.

Adding Day Labels and Color Codes to Days

If you have a 24 or 12-hour schedule, maybe you want to color code days in the rotation. The settings allow you to choose a start date and then choose colors and add text for specific days in the rotation. This allows employees to clearly see what shift or squad is on that day.