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New Features – Multiple Timesheet Approvals, Loaned Equipment Tracking, and Open Shift List Integration

Sept. 2021

Make sure everyone has checked timesheets for the pay period

The developers at PlanIt have been hard at work implementing 3 new features! A highly requested new feature that has just been released in PlanIt – Multiple Timesheet Approvals. This means that timesheets now allow for multiple verifications and signatures instead of just the employees. This will allow better accuracy when it comes to employee timesheets.

Fill your open shifts with ease

Since the launch of our popular list feature many have asked for the ability to use those lists to fill open shifts on the approval screens. While you could use lists to assist with filling openings, the system did not directly integrate with the approval screens. With our new integration, administrators may now also see employees’ positions on the list, and affect the list when they choose the employee to fill the shift.

Record the details about equipment out on loan

Our loaned equipment feature also had a necessary update. You can now add specific detail about each piece equipment such as serial numbers and unique identifiers. This will help with tracking unique items that may need to be returned at some point and also identify how many of each item is out on loan or in stock.