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New Feature - Day View

November 2021

Day View (C)

In PlanIt, you can now view the schedule by just a 24-hour time frame with specific information. This new view is called the Day View and can be customized by admins to display specific units, shifts, employees etc. It is similar to the current view known as the Platoon View in the sense that only administrators can edit how it looks. If you are interested in displaying a more focused view for a shorter period of time, this would be better suited for you compared to the Platoon View.

There are 7 different modes that you can use:

  • Basic View – Lists all of the shifts under a single heading.
  • Employee View – Lists all employees under a single heading
  • Jobs View – Separates your shifts by job types.
  • Job @ Unit View – Separates shifts by their job @ unit types.
  • Platoon View – Lists your employee’s shifts under their platoons.
  • Shift Times View – Lists your shifts under the hours that they are worked.
  • Units View – Separates your shifts by unit.

We have preset templates in there for you to chose as views but if you need assistance creating your own please utilize our Knowledge Base and reach out to our support team for help!