EMS Scheduling Software

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About PlanIt EMS

PlanIt EMS scheduling software is designed specifically for Emergency Medical Services in public emergency transport, private emergency transport, non-emergency transport, and air ambulance services. It is the online scheduling software that is extremely powerful yet easy to use. PlanIt will allow you to specifically enter employees into positions based on their title and certifications as well as set minimum and maximum staffing requirements. This makes it an easy process to find staff when you need Advanced Life Support or Basic Life Support. In addition, special events requiring an ambulance are easily entered into the system and able to fill the open spot with just a few clicks.


Entering employee’s certifications into the PlanIt EMS scheduling software will allow it to warn you if the employee is not qualified for a certain type of job. It will also warn them if their certification is expiring. This will help to keep all of your employees certified and qualified for their positions and reduce last minute call offs.

Vehicle Checklist

At the end of each shift you may need certain employees to conduct a rig check. The system will provide a specific form for this action and save it so that it is always accessible if you ever need to refer back to it. This reduces confusion and will keep your employees accountable.


PlanIt has over one hundred and fifty reports in the system. The reports contain information for things like time offs, call offs, payroll, schedule, and open shifts. All of these reports are exportable and saved in the system forever.

Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric time clocks are available for those who would like their employees to physically clock in and out. This will reduce the risk of employees clocking in early or clocking out late.