Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much do setup, training, and support cost?

Setup, training and support are free. We believe that these 3 things are essential and should be included with the software at no extra charge. We are here to help whenever you need it.

2. Can your system handle 24/7 schedules such as Pitman schedules and rotations with Kelly time or short days?

Yes. PlanIt Schedule was created for Public Safety Services. The scheduling tools in PlanIt allow these complex schedules to be easier to see and manage.

3. Can we print the schedule?

Yes. There are multiple versions of the schedule created in the reports section. Some of the schedule options include a month, week and day view and allow you to export as Word, PDF, or Excel documents and print as needed.

4. How does payroll work in PlanIt?

PlanIt combines and sums up all your scheduled, time off, overtime, and holiday hours into a real-time view of your hours per pay period. The hour exporter uses CSV export files that work with all the most common payroll solutions. Each export file can be opened with Excel. We've created our hour exporter to be configurable to work with as many situations as possible. You can also provide access for each employee to view their timesheet in real time or after a pay period has ended.

5. Is the time clock included?

There is a time clock included internally with the system. If you would like the biometric time clock (for a physical clock in and out) that is available to rent for $150/yr.

6. Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! You can download our mobile app for iOS and Android devices through the Google Play Store or the App Store. Do all the things you would on a web browser but with the convenience of an app!

7. Does your scheduling software send notifications out automatically? How?

PlanIt Schedule does automatically send notifications out for things like call offs, open shifts, etc. But you are also able to send mass notifications out through our communication blast feature. This will allow you to send multiple messages out instantly, either through text, email, or voice/call.

8. Is PlanIt easy to use?

YES. To see it in action, please hit the “request demo” button. In this demonstration, we will run you through the system so that you can get a better understanding of what it does and how it works. You can see some of the screens on our features page that demonstrate how easy to use it really is.

9. Do you provide assistance with the transition to PlanIt?

Yes. If you’re nervous about switching, you’re not alone. That is why PlanIt provides free setup, training, and support. You will work with one of our setup specialists initially to configure your rotations and schedules. We will configure the system for your agency and enter all of your personnel. Once your setup is complete, we will provide a 2-3-hour training session for your administrators. This will include all of the information needed to get up and running. That way, once the training is over, we hand over your fully configured system and it is ready to go day one. Whenever you need assistance in the future, you can always call or email support and they will get you on the right track.

10. How quickly can we get up and running?

Typically set ups will take 1-2 weeks depending on your needs and how fast we can get information from you. Our setup specialist will have back and forth communication with you to understand how you schedule and collect all of your information that needs to be entered into the system.

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