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Schedule Editors

PlanIt Scheduling software will present your schedule in a variety of ways, allowing you to choose which one is most effective for you. Timeline, calendar, and spreadsheet editors are available. Each editor includes different functions so that you have full control over your schedule.

Schedule Views

Visibility of the schedule is important to keep everyone in the organization informed. Some of the different views we have include the Platoon Schedule, Calendar Schedule, Department Schedule, and the Dashboard Schedule.

Employee Templates

Organizations that feature rotating or Kelly schedules can save a lot of time with PlanIt’s employee templates. You’ll enter the employee’s template and PlanIt uses this to create schedules. PlanIt can handle rotations of any complexity or up to one year in rotating length. We will provide the initial set up and provide you with the knowledge to do any future editing as employees come and go.

Warning System

PlanIt will check your schedule for overtime, double scheduling, open shifts, missing certifications, and availability violations. Using this warning system will reduce the number of common scheduling mistakes and catches them before they become a problem.

Open Shifts

PlanIt can automatically post open shifts whenever you go below minimum staffing. That way, anyone qualified for the opening can click on it and offer to work it so that the shift gets filled quickly. You can also post open shifts whenever you need to and supervisors can be notified when requests to cover the shift are submitted.Then, supervisors can either require approval or have the person added right into the schedule.

Shift Trading

If your organization allows shift trading, PlanIt can manage the entire process. An employee can request a trade with another co-worker and once both sides approve it is sent for administrator approval. Once approved, PlanIt will take care of modifying the schedule. Once the decision of either approval or denial is made, both employees will be automatically notified.


Employees may enter their base availability or date based availability. Administrators have access to this availability information as they work on their schedule and warnings are produced if availability is violated. Administrators may lock availability on a certain date to prevent late changes.

Color Coding

PlanIt allows you to color code employees or job types on your schedule. These colors show up on our time line editor, calendar editor and while employees are viewing the schedule.

Time Off

Employees may directly request time off within PlanIt. The request is then sent for administrator approval. If the request is approved the employee is notified, and his/her schedule is updated. If a date is no longer open for time off requests you may add a restricted date. At this point, PlanIt can notify employees that the date is no longer open, and it will prevent any requests from being submitted on restricted dates. Restricted dates are also useful for holidays or special events where full staff is needed.

Officer in Charge

PlanIt has an officer in charge feature which prominently displays the current OIC and their contact information. Employees will now always know who to contact in the case of an emergency.


An administrator or supervisor may attach a note directly to an employee’s shift during scheduling. That note is then viewable on the employee’s schedule and even on the time clock when the employee goes to punch in. This keeps the employee informed at all times of special situations with a particular shift.


PlanIt has over 100 reports covering every aspect of scheduling, time off, payroll, and human resources. Nearly all reports are parameter driven creating an endless possibility of the number of reports available. All PlanIt reports are exportable to Adobe Acrobat's PDF format, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. These reports are always accessible to go back to at a later date as the system will never delete information.



PlanIt offers a full-featured internal messaging system which comes with every PlanIt account for all your employees. It’s simple to use and connects employees’ names with their email accounts so you don’t have to deal with hard-to-remember addresses. For important communication, PlanIt Messages supports read status which will show the exact date and time a message was read by the recipient.


In PlanIt, administrators can create and post announcements to be shown as soon as employee’s log in on the home screen. The announcement system is highly configurable giving you options like expiration date, delayed postdate, confirmation required, read status, and forced view. All of your previous announcements can be kept in your archives for record keeping. PlanIt tracks the confirmation and preserves the timestamp of when each employee viewed the announcement.

Trade Board

Employees can use the shift trade board to advertise shifts they need to give up or if they are looking to pick up additional shifts. Interested employees can click on the message and instantly submit a shift trade for administrator approval.

Mass Notifications

Send immediate notifications to all, groups, or individual employees with either a phone call, email, or text message. Email blasts will go directly to all or groups of your employees within PlanIt. Text blasts are for important messages to employees. Responses for both email and text blasts will go to your email account. PlanIt will call selected employees and play a message you've recorded. The message can prompt employees to respond by pressing keys on their phone and you'll see their responses in real time. If an employee does not answer a voice mail option is available.


PlanIt comes with four types of walls (message boards) for communication among employees. Walls included are: entire organization, individual platoons, supervisors, and individual employee walls. The employee walls are only viewable by management, not the employees. Many organizations use employee walls to record discipline and tardy shifts for individual employees.

Human Resources

Employee Information

PlanIt offers storage of an ever expanding list of fields. Currently we offer the following options: job title, notes, supervisor, salaried, OIC, labor department, birth date, hire date, termination date, payroll #, command #, PID #, badge #, state #, barcode #, rank, grade, schedule identifier, subordinates, and supervisors.

Certification Requirements

Within PlanIt you may setup and configure an unlimited number of certifications to require and track your employees. Each job type defined within PlanIt has an option to require certifications. PlanIt will track that each employee holding this job type has current and valid certification. Using the certification requirements, PlanIt can send email notifications each morning to supervisors, administrators and individual employees warning them of missing, expired, or soon to be expired certifications.

Medical Information

If your organization needs to track any required medical information such as immunizations, PlanIt employs a similar system to certification tracking for easy management of these records.

Employee Address Book

Through several reports and PlanIt’s address book feature, you are provided access to current employee contact information. This feature can be enabled to share some employee contact information with co-workers. Employees may update their own phone, email, mailing address, and text message number from within PlanIt with an optional administrator’s approval system.

Employee Grouping

Inside PlanIt, you may configure employee groups based upon jobs, platoons, or a completely custom group. This will allow you to easily view the different groups in your organization.

Emergency Contact Information

PlanIt can automate your emergency contact information records. Employees may supply and update their own emergency contact forms at any time. Administrators may configure which fields are required and how often emergency contact information must be verified by employees. Once this interval has been set employees will be prompted automatically to verify their emergency contact forms.



Timesheets are available for employees to view, verify and report. They can view them in real time or at the end of a pay period. Then administrators can require them to verify that the timesheets are correct and report if there are any issues.

Time Clock

PlanIt features an intelligent time clock. It does not simply just record an employee’s start and end time. It inspects the schedule and compares that to the employee’s time. If an employee is outside of the acceptable range the employee will be prompted to complete a time adjustment immediately. You may configure how the time clock works. It will keep all of the data saved to provide you with records or tardiness and early arrival. There is also the option of a biometric clock ($150/yr.).

Simple Exporting

PlanIt will take the time recorded from the time clocks, salaried employees, time tracking employees and combine it with the approved time off to produce an export of each employee’s individual hours. These hours can then be exported into many different formats to be sent to your payroll company. PlanIt comes with several exports to CSV format which can either be sent directly to many payroll providers.


PlanIt supports holiday multipliers for those who give time and a half or double time pay for holidays.

Payroll Settings

PlanIt is built with a customizable payroll feature so that it is flexible for many different organizations. Payroll applications have been shown to greatly reduce the time spent processing payroll, eliminate mistakes, and reap a large return on investment.

Additional Features

Vehicle Checklists

Employees may be asked to submit vehicle checklists per shift. The questions on the checklists can be designed by an administrator at any time. PlanIt features a vehicle checklist status page for a quick glance at the current checklist completions and a detailed history viewer for previous checklists.

There is also an option to report vehicle or equipment problems. If there is a maintenance or equipment issue with the vehicle, the system allows you to submit a report. This will allow others to see if an issue has already been reported, how & when it is getting fixed, etc.

Document Storage

Each organization is entitled to 10 gigabytes of document storage within PlanIt. These documents may be uploaded by administrators and downloaded by employees.

Loaned Equipment

This feature will allow you to enter your equipment and the expiration date. The system will warn you when the equipment is close to expiration and a replacement is needed.

Company Courses

Within the PlanIt system you can create courses for employees to complete. You can upload PowerPoints or documents to create the course. Then they can be tested by a collection of questions and the system will generate and save their score for record keeping.