Built for 24×7 public safety services, PlanIt can handle any scheduling rotation. Templates in the system allow organizations to set employees schedules for as far out into the future as they need to. Our Calendar Editor gives administrators the ability to make day-to-day changes. If you ever need to move someone to another unit, mark a call off, or post an open shift, it can all be done on the Calendar Editor.

Scheduling Features

Time Off

PlanIt includes a Time Off feature allowing employees to submit for their time off and for administrators to approve it. The system keeps an accurate balance for each employee’s bank as requests are approved.  You can set up restricted dates if needed, so that employees cannot request certain dates and times off.

Time Off Features


There are numerous tools in PlanIt to keep everyone in the organization informed. Notifications will go out automatically when things like someone’s time off is approved or their open shift is declined. But there are also manual notifications you can send out at any point. If you have a call out and need coverage, you can send one email, a text, or a phone call to a whole group of people at once.

Communication Features

Human Resources

PlanIt is an all-in-one management tool for your employees and their schedules. Store employees’ contact information, hire dates, IDs, and much more in the system. You can log any disciplinary action or kudos for each employee in a feature called Employee Journals. There are all different permissions options in the system so that you can restrict features from certain individuals while granting access to other individuals.

Human Resources Features


PlanIt includes features to assist administrators in tracking employee certifications and trainings. You can send out alerts to employees when certifications are expired or about to expire. Additionally, you can create a course in PlanIt for any kind of basic training and assign it out to specific employees. When they have completed the course and any test you created for them, you can view their results and time taken on each course slide.

Training Features


PlanIt compiles all the worked hours, time off, and overtime in the payroll component. Employees can view their hours on their timesheets, and you can export this information into a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file so that it can be imported into your payroll system. An integrated time clock is included with the annual subscription fee but there is also the option to rent a biometric fingerprint scanner for employees to clock in and out.

Payroll Features

Additional Features

In addition to all the features in PlanIt directly related to scheduling, we have tools to help with the organizations we service specifically. This includes features like the vehicle checklist builder, loaned equipment tool, and digital staffing board. All these features tie into scheduling and personnel management, making your department more efficient.

Additional Features

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