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Vehicle Checklists

If you need crew members to complete a truck check after each shift, you can handle that with our vehicle checklist feature. The questions on the checklists can be designed by an administrator at any time. PlanIt features a vehicle checklist status page for a quick glance at the current checklist completions and a detailed history viewer for previous checklists. There is also an option to report vehicle or equipment problems. If there is a maintenance or equipment issue with the vehicle, the system allows you to submit a report. This will give visibility to others so that they can see if an issue has already been reported.

Vehicle Checklist feature in PlanIt to report vehicle and maintenance problems
Equipment Registry screen in PlanIt scheduling software

Loaned Equipment

This feature acts as a quartermaster tool as it will allow you to enter your equipment and the expiration date. The system will warn you when the equipment is close to expiration and a replacement is needed. All that data will be stored and accessible for whenever you need it. Add uniforms, vests, tasers, radios, or whatever else you want to track in here.

Digital Staffing Board

Instead of printing out the schedule and posting it on a bulletin board at your station, display your real-time schedule on a large monitor or tv screen! The Kiosk feature, acts as a digital staffing board and is a great way to keep everyone informed. You can create as many different slides for your Kiosk as you’d like. For example, add a local news feed website, a custom text slide, or any employee schedules to the slideshow.

The Kiosk or Digital Staffing Board showing a one week view of staff schedules
Custom Form in PlanIt Schedule

Custom Forms

Move your paper forms online to easily distribute, collect and store any type of form you need. The system will allow you to create free text fields, custom dropdowns, checkboxes, admin tips, and dates. Once your form is created, you can then give access to everyone or limit it to specific employees. Accept uniform requests, daily logs, or equipment requisitions through the system.