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Mobile &Email Blasts

Reach a whole group of people at once with PlanIt’s Mobile and Email Blasts. These communication tools are essential for any emergency announcement or for call offs when you need to find coverage ASAP. Get the word out with a few clicks to a couple individuals, multiple groups of people, or the whole department.

Message inbox for internal PlanIt messages.

Internal Messages

Do you ever wish you could see and confirm that your emails were delivered and read? Well with PlanIt Messages you can send a message to anyone in the system with guaranteed delivery and read receipt. You can add whole groups of people at once or just send to an individual. It will notify them when you send it and they can log in and look at the message inside of PlanIt.

Notification Settings

There are all different notifications that go out automatically in the system. For example, if an employee’s time off has just been approved, they will get notified. But for all the notifications in the system, each employee can choose what notifications they want to receive and how they want to receive them. They will have the option of getting an email, PlanIt Message, or text regarding different actions in the system. Administrators will have a master template to set these notifications as mandatory, optional, or disabled.

Options for notifications from shift trades and the time clock in PlanIt.
An announcement about a staff meeting in PlanIt Schedule.


You can post any message you’d like on the dashboard so that employees will see it first thing when they log in. You can set it up to pop up automatically so they will definitely see it or just leave it with a title at the top of the screen for them to click on to view whenever they are ready. They can be posted just for certain dates and times and just for specific people. So, for example, if you have a staff meeting on Friday and it’s just for supervisors, you can have it only appear on their dashboards and set it up to automatically go up on Monday and come down on Friday.

Document Storage

Store Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and more in PlanIt. Based on the permissions that you set, your employees will be able to go in and access those folders and download the documents. Some departments use them for things like new hire documents, SOPs, contracts, and manuals.

Document storage space in PlanIt
Board main screen


Instead of posting messages onto a bulletin board or whiteboard, you can post them in PlanIt and everyone will have access to see them. You can create different boards with different access. For example, if you just want a board for a specific team/squad/department, you can do that and no one else will be able to see it. All the posts are date and time stamped with the person’s name. So, you will know where all the posts are coming from and have the audit trail of when they were posted.


Every time you log into the system, you will land on the main dashboard. This will give you links to all the most commonly used features, activity alerts, your personal information, a brief view of your schedule, and any announcements that are posted. It can also display your vehicle checklist status and the current supervisor(s). There is also a separate dashboard made just for supervisors to access and view. It gives them a brief overview of everything going on in the organization for the next day and a half.

The dashboard in PlanIt Schedule