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Address Book

Rather than having to cross out, white out or erase employee’s contact information on paper, manage their contact information in PlanIt. Employees can add their home address, email address, and phone number in the system to easily share it with the department. Or if you prefer to keep employee’s contact information confidential, allow only administrators to access their details. Download a report if you need to send the contact list to someone else or print out a paper copy.

Privacy settings for employee contact information
Edit employee screen

Employee Information

Get rid of your filing cabinets filled with employee records. Instead, keep a record of emergency contacts, medical information, awards, review dates and more for every employee in our system. You can store anything from birthdays to badge numbers, and even make your own custom fields.


Make sure employees have the tools they need by setting their appropriate access level in PlanIt. There are three main levels: Administrators, Power Users, and Normal Users. Administrators have full system access, making sure their department’s settings, banks, units, minimum staffing and more are set up accurately. For supervisors who approve time off, contact changes, and overtime, you can set them as a Power User. Everyone else typically obtains the Normal User access level. They’ll have access to the basic features in the system and will not be able to make any changes, only requests. But if you need to give them permission for a specific role they fill, like submitting call offs, you can always set up additional permissions for their account.

Permission options of normal user, power user, or administrator.
Employee Journal screen showing one employees history of call offs.

Employee Journals

Keep track of details, actions and discussions for each employee with Employee Journals. Administrators, supervisors and individual employees can see the information posted to their journals. You can, however, adjust those permissions so that visibility is restricted only to administrators. Post kudos or disciplinary actions that were discussed, keeping everyone on the same page. All the call off information for an employee will be displayed in the journal as well. This information can be easily accessed and utilized when it’s time for their annual review.