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Hour Exports

PlanIt compiles all regular hours worked, time off, and overtime for a specific pay period and displays that information on one screen. If the time clock is used, it will also show an employee’s punches and any punch adjustments that were made by an administrator. The information on this screen can be exported in a variety of different formats, so you’ll be able to decide which export is best for your department. Since the exports open in Excel as .csv (Comma Separated Value) file, they can be imported into your payroll system with little effort if they support it. We currently provide exports for over 20 payroll companies including ADP, Kronos, Tyler Munis, and Paychex.

Holiday feature screen to match an employees hours for a specific date.


To make sure employees are paid at the correct rate, administrators can set up holidays in the system and employees can be included in them. If an employee is set to earn extra for working on a holiday, a note will be added to the payroll exports, so your payroll processor knows to pay them extra for their shift. Each holiday can be configured separately, that way you can set the additional pay benefits for each one. Once holidays are in the system, they’ll be highlighted on the schedule, that way employees know when they are happening as well.


You have the option to display timesheets to your employees so that they can view their hours worked and any time off they took. They can verify their timesheets with either the click of a button or with an electronic signature. You can also give them the ability to report any issues. If they do report any problems, it’ll send those right to the payroll supervisor so they can look into it and get it resolved.

Timesheet for one employee with the option to verify the timesheet and report a problem
Web time clock in PlanIt - punching into a shift.

Time Clock

If your department utilizes a time clock for employees to clock in and out, you can set that up in PlanIt. It does not only record an employee’s start and end time, but it inspects the schedule and compares that to the employee’s time. If an employee is outside of the acceptable range the employee will be prompted to complete a time clock adjustment immediately. You may configure how the time clock works. It will keep all the data saved to provide you with records of tardiness and early arrival.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Allow your employees to clock in and out with a simple scan of their fingerprint. This will ensure that the person clocking in is physically present when doing so and will only take a couple seconds of their time. Initially when setting up the biometric fingerprint scanner, each employee will choose a finger and register it in the system so that each time they put that finger on the scanner, the system will associate them with their account and clock them in/out.

Biometric fingerprint timeclock scanner