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Schedule Views

View the schedule in several ways from wherever you are. The Calendar View, Platoon View, and Day View will show you all the scheduled shifts, time off, call offs, open shifts, and trainings. The Calendar view is laid out like a calendar and has options for each employee to adjust the visual settings. For example, an employee can filter it down to just their squad/team/department. The Platoon view is laid out like an Excel spreadsheet and is only editable by administrators. The Day view is also only editable by admins however this will only show you a 24-hour period of time and is a lot more customizable. If you only want to view just your personal schedule, you can go to the My Schedule screen. 


Schedule Editors

For all your day-to-day scheduling changes, you will use the Calendar Editor. The Employee Templates that have been published will appear on the schedule as they were set. But you will be able to click on any shift and change any of the details. Additionally, you can see the history of the changes made to each shift. Create open shifts, log call offs, convert to time off, and much more with PlanIt’s calendar editor. If you need to make multiple changes at once, we also have Bulk Editing tools.

Shift Trades

There is a Trade Board in PlanIt that allows employees to post shifts they would like to give up, take, or trade. Two people must agree to a trade first before it goes to a supervisor for approval. Once approved, both people will swap shifts on the schedule and receive an approved notification. Handling this process in PlanIt ensures all shift swaps are communicated with everyone involved and done so efficiently.

Staffing requirements showing times below levels, above levels, and at the appropriate levels

Minimum Staffing

Set your minimum staffing levels in PlanIt so that whenever you fall below those parameters, an open shift will automatically appear on the schedule. Employees will be able to sign up to offer to work the shift as soon as it is posted. Easily view whether you are understaffed, overstaffed, or perfectly staffed at any point. You can set these parameters in as little as 5-minute increments and have different settings for each employee group/unit.

Calendar Subscription

Using iCal, you can copy your work schedule from PlanIt onto your phone calendar, an Outlook calendar, or Google calendar. That way you can see any personal events and your work schedule/events in one place. Even import the entire department schedule onto your external calendar if you’d like. It will pull the data every couple of minutes, depending on your settings. So, as shifts are updated, they will be updated on your external calendar as well.

iCal feed for employees to see their schedule on an external calendar.
Adding an entry to note at what times the employee is available and is not available.


If you have any part timers, they can enter their availability in PlanIt. Administrators will be able to see that information and can fill open shifts accordingly. Employees will be able to enter their availability for each individual day, or they can set recurring availability. So, for example, if someone is always available each week from 0900 hours – 1700 hours Monday through Friday, they can enter that information once.