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Requests & Approvals

In PlanIt, employees can submit for time off from wherever they are. Administrators will get notified each time a new form is submitted and have the option to approve or deny the request. If the person is approved, the hours will be taken out of their banks. They will get notified and be taken off the schedule for the dates and times requested. Not only does this streamline the entire time off process but it also keeps all the data so you can access it at any point.

Time off approval screen in PlanIt
Restricted dates calendar

Restricted Dates

For any date and time that you do not want employees to request off, you can set them as restricted. These are also sometimes referred to as blackout dates. For example, New Year’s Eve may be a very busy time for your department, so you can mark it as a restricted date. That way no one will be able to request off.

Cash Outs

Cash outs allow employees to choose to get paid for hours remaining in a time off bank. Administrators in PlanIt can create a cash out on behalf of employees, which deducts hours from a time off bank and adds the hours to their pay. The cash out appears on the employee’s timesheet, so the payroll department knows they get paid for those hours.

New cash out modal
Shift call off modal

Call Offs

Whenever someone calls in sick or calls off for any reason, you can log when they notified you, whether it was excused or not, any notes about the call off, and you can charge them any bank of time for those hours (ex: sick). There is an entire page in the system dedicated to evaluating and displaying that history. For any person in the system, you will be able to see the track record of their entire call off history. This tool is meant to help you identify problems before they become an issue.