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Course Builder

Build a course for your employees to take that includes policy changes, basic trainings, and other information you need to share. Set up slides with the details to review, and then create test questions and survey questions for them to complete at the end of the course. Assign courses to specific employees and set deadlines for when it needs to be finished. Once the course is complete, the results will be compiled so you can see how employees did and look back on the results in the future.

An AED course set up page in PlanIt's training courses feature.
Certification And Training feature screen

Certification & Training Tracker

If your employees are required to hold certifications and attend trainings, keep track of them all in PlanIt. As certifications are added, you can note the issue date and expiration date. That way when a certification is ready to expire, you can make sure employees are warned ahead of time, so they have a chance to renew it. If a job requires a valid certification, you’ll be warned if an employee is not qualified to work the job due to a lapsed certification.