Fire Department Scheduling Software

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About PlanIt Fire

PlanIt Fire scheduling software is perfect for any size fire department or rescue organization that is looking for a scheduling solution tailored to their needs. PlanIt is able to manage Kelly time and run complex schedules such as a 24 on 48 off rotation or a Pitman schedule. We will work with each department to get their crew schedule up and running day one.

Shift Trades

The shift trade function makes it easy for employees to go in and request to trade a shift with a coworker. The request will then have to be approved by a supervisor to get confirmed and automatically entered into to the schedule.

Employee Templates

The employee templates are what make the reoccurring schedule. This allows you to keep a certain rotation over a long period of time to eliminate a manual process of entering a new schedule over and over. The templates are first created by our setup team to get you up and running with ease.


PlanIt has over one hundred reports in the system. The reports contain information for things like time offs, call offs, payroll, schedule, and open shifts. All of these reports are exportable and saved in the system forever.

Vehicle Checklists

At the end of each shift you may need certain employees to conduct a vehicle or equipment check. The system will provide a specific form for this action and save it so that it is always accessible if you ever need to refer back to it. This reduces confusion and will keep your employees accountable.