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April 2020

Instead of having the time clock accessible from just one location, you can now make it available online in your portal! That way, employees can clock in from wherever they are or you can restrict it by IP address. In addition, you can now require employees to sign their timesheet right through PlanIt.

April 2020

Does your department collect uniform and/or equipment requests from employees? Track shift duties or a daily log for the day? Now you can keep those forms in PlanIt for easy submission and tracking.

February 2020

We have gotten requests from various departments regarding a view of one day of the schedule in detail where they can edit it. So, our team listened to these requests and made it come to life with our new feature called Day Editor. It involves a drag and drop screen and allows you to fiter by employee, unit, and job type. Learn more about this useful new feature today!

February 2020

Ever wonder if PlanIt could warn you of things like employees working too many consecutive hours? Or when they were over/under their weekly hours? Based off of feedback from our clients, we now have 9 warnings that may appear on the warnings screen to help you catch any issues before it is too late.

June 2019

Our Vehicle Checklist feature has been widely used throughout the different industries we serve. There were a couple things requested that would make our clients lives easier.  Check out the improvements to this powerful time savings tool!

May 2019

Find minimum staffing confusing? We are here to help.  Now you have two options to pick from when you’re editing your staffing requirements. Which do you prefer; the text or visual editor?

January 2019

Wondering how to make those larger changes in PlanIt? For example, when you hire a new employee and you want them to shadow their supervisor for the next two weeks. Do you have to go in and add each individual shift with the same details as the supervisor? Not anymore! There are now 9 options when it comes to making changes in bulk. Check it out!

October 2018

Have you been looking for an easier way to open and stay logged into PlanIt on-the-go? Now you can download the PlanIt Schedule application on any iOS or Android device. While the system itself can be accessed from a browser on any device with internet, the app has some additional perks. Check it out!

September 2018

Small feature upgrades go a long way… here’s a quick update of a the ways our development team has continued to work to make your processes more efficient!

June 2018

PlanIt was developed/created in 2005. Over the years, there have been many many many updates in the tech world. To keep up with these changes, we must adapt. While many of these changes were done on the back-end to keep things running smoothly, you will especially notice a fresh new look to the systems interface.