Built For Public Safety Agencies

Since its inception, PlanIt’s focus is on meeting the unique needs of public safety personnel scheduling. The core technology behind the different PlanIt products are the same. During the setup process we will take the core PlanIt scheduling system and tailor it to meet the needs of your agency. Our setup technicians have configured hundreds of databases for public safety departments throughout the US.

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Solutions for Your Organization

This version of PlanIt is perfect for police departments, sheriff’s offices, jails, correctional facilities, or any other law enforcement agency. PlanIt Police not only makes scheduling patrol officers simpler, but also streamlines other day-to-day processes unique to law enforcement. Features like overtime forms, court appearance scheduling, and training & certification tracking are huge time savers for departments that utilize PlanIt. 

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PlanIt EMS is used by public emergency transport, private emergency transport, non-emergency transport, and air ambulance services. Emergency medical services benefit from PlanIt’s 24-hour scheduling capability and industry-specific features like vehicle checklists, certification tracking, and availability for part timers. 

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Fire Departments can streamline their personnel scheduling with PlanIt. The system is web-based so employees can submit vehicle checklists, view the schedule, or request time off from wherever they are. Administrators can send out emails/texts/or phone calls to a whole group of people at once which can assist with communicating things like call offs or any emergency announcement. 

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911 emergency dispatch, regional and county level fire/ems/police dispatch, air dispatch, and nursing call centers benefit from the intuitiveness & efficiency of PlanIt. PlanIt Dispatch allows you to input your normal schedules, any on call units, call outs, time off, and much more. Set minimum staffing levels in the system so that it automatically creates an open shift if you fall below your manpower requirements. 

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PlanIt Schedule can be found in township government, parks & recreation departments, road crews, security agencies, healthcare, and retail. The system allows your employees to view the schedule, trade shifts, and request time off from wherever they are. You can store employees contact information in the system along with any call offs, disciplinary actions, or kudos for each employee. 

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