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What is it?

PlanIt EMS is personnel scheduling software that’s designed to help EMS administrators manage and streamline daily scheduling tasks. It is a time-saving tool that will also enhance communication for emergency medical services personnel.

This software is best suited for medical transport companies, ambulance services, emergency medical services, life saving crews, first aid & rescue squads, and air medical transport. PlanIt EMS scheduling software will manage your employees’ regular schedules, availability, time off, shift swaps, and much more. Having these processes visible from any device with internet access improves the level of communication throughout the organization.

Fill Open Shifts Quickly

If you have an open shift that you need to fill, you can add it to the schedule for everyone to immediately see. You even have the option to notify qualified employees about the opening so that they know it has been posted. They can open up PlanIt to offer to work the shift.

Separate your staffing by truck, shift, or any sort of unit. This lets you easily view who is in what unit, which you can then sort on the schedule. This also allows you to clearly identify where shortages are once the number of required EMTs, paramedics, administrators, dispatchers, etc. are added into the system.

PlanIt EMS logo on a smartphone and tablet with the Platoon schedule on a laptop

Why PlanIt?

There are many systems built for scheduling personnel within organizations. However, there are few systems truly built for scheduling and managing EMS personnel specifically. They don’t take into consideration some of the day-to-day tasks emergency services deal with. This includes things like sending out notifications automatically, posting open shifts, regulating minimum staffing levels, and tracking certifications.

Popular PlanIt EMS Features Include:

  • Shift Trades / Swaps
  • Call Offs
  • Availability
  • Notifications
  • Open Shifts
  • Time Clock
  • Email, Text, and Voice Blasts
  • Time Off
  • Mobile Application
  • Minimum Staffing Rules
  • Loaned Equipment
  • Vehicle Checklist
  • Certification Tracker

Learn More:

Interested in learning more about PlanIt Schedule? Request a free live online demonstration of the system today! We will show you the major features in the system and answer any questions you may have.