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What is it?

PlanIt Fire is a personnel scheduling system built specifically for fire crews to streamline communication and manage day-to-day scheduling tasks efficiently. Unlike most personnel scheduling systems, PlanIt is built specifically for public safety services. We understand your 24×7 staffing needs and have tailored each feature around your unique daily processes.

PlanIt allows your crew members to clock in and out of their shift at the station. Even better, they will be able to view their schedule, submit time off, complete vehicle checklists, and much more from wherever they are. With PlanIt’s mobile-friendly interface, it makes it easy to complete scheduling tasks on the go.

Allow Employee Swaps and Stay Above Staffing Levels

The system allows you to set staffing levels for your fire department so any time you fall below, an open shift will automatically populate. Open shifts display as red links allowing qualified employees to offer to work the shift. Easily let people know you need an open shift filled by clicking on the shift and sending a notification as an email, text, or both to all employees or any employee group.

Do you allow shift swaps? Simplify the whole submission and approval process by handling it all in PlanIt. Employees can post the shift they want to trade and other people can offer to work it. Once both people agree, it is sent to their supervisor for approval. If it is approved, both people are notified and the change is made automatically on the schedule.

Contact Multiple People at Once

Reach a whole group or multiple groups of people at once with PlanIt’s Communication Blast feature. These tools are effective for things like emergency announcements and call offs that need shifts filled. You can type or record a message, choose the people you want to send it to, hit “send” and the chosen people will get the message within a couple of seconds.

PlanIt Fire logo on a smartphone and tablet with the Platoon schedule on a laptop

Why PlanIt?

PlanIt Fire scheduling software handles your personnel scheduling needs all in one system. Enhance communication throughout your department with a system made for public safety accessible from any device with internet access. Employees can stay logged in and receive push notifications when they download the mobile app. Get the system that was built for your unique day-to-day needs and forget the hassle of tedious personnel scheduling tasks.

Popular PlanIt Fire Features Include:

  • Certification Tracking
  • Time Clock
  • Training Course Builder
  • Shift Trades
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Open Shifts
  • Time Off
  • Timesheets
  • Notifications
  • Automatic Breaks
  • Overtime Fairness Lists
  • Vehicle Checklists
  • Call Offs
  • Email, Text and Voice Blasts
  • Mobile Application
  • Availability
  • Loaned Equipment
  • Minimum Staffing

Learn More:

Interested in learning more about PlanIt Schedule? Request a free live online demonstration of the system today! We will show you the major features in the system and answer any questions you may have.