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What is it?

PlanIt Schedule has become an essential personnel scheduling tool for public works departments, town & city halls, crossing guards, parks & recreation departments, and other government organizations. It is even used in some power plants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and other organizations that staff 24×7.

PlanIt is built with robust tools that can be used in almost any organization for personnel scheduling. Employees can access their schedule and request time off from wherever they are. They will get notified of things like when their time off has been approved or their open shift request has been declined.

Flexibility for Your Department

You can build out your employees’ schedules as far in the future as needed and make day-to-day changes as necessary. There is the option to use an integrated time clock, or the system can simply pull hours from the schedule.

Need to send out a message to your employees? No problem. You can post it on the dashboard, post it on a virtual message board, send an internal message, or use the communication blast features. This will allow you to select a whole group of people and send them the same message at once through either text, email, or phone call. Government scheduling software makes it easy to keep everyone informed.

PlanIt Schedule logo on a smartphone and tablet with the Platoon schedule on a laptop

Why PlanIt?

PlanIt is great for entire cities, townships, or municipalities to adopt throughout. Having a standard system in your police department, fire department, town hall, parks and rec, etc. will standardize your personnel management processes, thus, streamlining communication.

Popular PlanIt Schedule Features for Government Entities Include:

  • Time Clock
  • Announcements
  • Employee Journals
  • Time Off
  •  Internal Messaging
  • Course Builder
  • Automatic Breaks
  • Call Off Tracking
  • Shift & Day Notes
  • Communication Boards
  • Payroll Hour Exports
  • Address Book
  • Timesheets

Learn More:

Interested in learning more about PlanIt Schedule? Request a free live online demonstration of the system today! We will show you the major features in the system and answer any questions you may have.