Scheduling Software for Public Safety/Government

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About PlanIt Schedule

PlanIt Schedule is the online scheduling software that is extremely powerful yet easy to use. It is built with the same value of our other systems but equipped for different types of organizations. PlanIt Schedule will work great for things like township government, parks & recreational departments, road crews, security agencies, healthcare, and retail.

Shift Trades

This function makes it easy for employees to go in and request to trade a shift with a coworker. The request will then have to be approved by a supervisor to get confirmed and automated into to the schedule.

Employee Information

Keep track of all your employees through PlanIt Schedule. You can save information about your employees such as birth date, payroll number, email address, phone number, hire date, and jobs held.


PlanIt has over one hundred reports in the system. The reports contain information for things like time offs, call offs, payroll, schedule, and open shifts. All of these reports are exportable and saved in the system forever.


Administrators are able to provide access to employees to view their own timesheets in real time or after the pay period has ended.

Color Coding

PlanIt scheduling software will allow you to color code the public schedule a variety of different ways. You can sort by employee, groups, shifts, or job. It really allows you to customize the system how you like.