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The support staff is extremely helpful and fast when it comes to requests, comments, ideas, or anything else I have needed from them. At no time, have I walked away without understanding the answer or feeling dissatisfied.

Drew Chesney Western Turnpike Rescue Squad

We have been using the product for 2 years and it has only gotten better. The enhancements that the company is sending out are excellent updates.

Wayne Hodges South River Rescue Squad

PlanIt scheduling software program is time and money saving management tool, which has made a significant difference for us.

Capt. Stephen Zerbe East Lampeter Township Police Department

With 115 people in our building serving dozens of different functions and working different hours we were in need of a consolidated schedule that everyone could see. What we received from PlanIt Police was so much more. All of our employees can not only clearly see their schedule; they know when their peers are working as well. They can easily request time off, be notified by text or email when it is approved, and submit their overtime or comp time requests. Our Officers can submit time off requests or overtime from their patrol cars, their smart phones, or from their home computers.

Steve Weiersmueller Florissant Police Department

The flexibility and adaptability of your software and support made the transition painless for managers and staff. Perhaps the best feature was your team doing all the setup work that usually takes a great deal of time in a project like this.

Thomas J. Liebman STAT MedEvac

The product support has been fantastic. Whenever we have questions, they go out of their way to help us resolve our issue. Many of the “issues” we have are user related. Now that things are setup and configured, the product just works and we have little need for their support.

Detective Brian Barnes Upper Allen Police Department

Prior to starting PlanIt EMS we used a paper/data entry scheduling system. The staff had no access to the schedule unless a Supervisor was nearby with the paper copy. Now the staff has access to the schedule from anywhere you have Web access. The PlanIt EMS scheduling program is very user friendly and easy to learn. We had no formal training sessions for the staff; we just gave them access to PlanIt EMS and asked that they work with the system for a short time then started using the system 100%. As far as the actual scheduling with PlanIt EMS; I find it to be very easy and less time consuming than the old paper/data entry system. Switching to PlanIt EMS was one of the best decisions we ever made; it saves time, cuts back on scheduling errors and you have a lot of information at your fingertips.

Tina D’Imperio & Teresa Mullhausen Lancaster EMS

We have been using PlanIt EMS for a few months now and it has made scheduling, certification tracking, and personnel management so much easier. As an entirely volunteer ambulance service, having the ability to communicate with the volunteers and adjust the schedule online is essential, and this program is extremely user-friendly for all of the users – no matter how computer savvy they are.

Steve Mrozowski Lawn EMS/Fire

We began using PlanIt EMS after years of paper and pencil scheduling. It has reduced our scheduling process significantly and enabled us to reduce scheduled overtime greatly. The staff at Ragnasoft is extremely reactive to my needs and specific adaptations and is always accessible to me if there is a problem. By far the best scheduling utility I have found for public safety employers.

Ed Mooreland Kutztown Area Ambulance and Transport Service, Inc.

Citizens’ Ambulance Service would like to thank Christian Yecker and his staff for their talents and technical expertise in developing quality software that makes a tedious job much more user-friendly and efficient. Their ability to move from detailed data collection process to a simplified summary report is amazing. They have provided us with a dynamic set of tools to monitor and review data input and maximize the accuracy of the outcome.

Ginger Unrue Citizens' Ambulance Service, Inc./Ambulance Service Management Corporation

I have dealt with a lot of technology companies over my 26 years and you guys have been probably the most responsive of them all. Not only are you willing to make changes, you take the time to understand what we're talking about and can see the problem we're trying to solve. That's a rare trait in public sector software.

Capt. Casida Clovis Police Department

… I just wanted to let you guys know you have a really great product.... I demoed several other software programs when doing my research in which system to purchase. I'm very happy with my decision to use PlanIt and I really like the fact that you guys are constantly updating the product. Thanks again for your hard work and for dealing with all of my support requests.

Sgt Chris Smyrnos Redding Police Department

The level of attention and the quick responses from your staff are greatly appreciated.

Sgt Grant Jones Lincoln County Sheriff's Office